How do I sign up for an Acceptd account for me or my child?

Great question! We can walk you through the signup process for your free Acceptd account, it's easy! First, go to

Here, you will see several entries with the required information. Go ahead and fill out the entries with your relevant information. 


You may note you can sign up either as an Applicant or a Parent. If you sign up as a parent/guardian, you have the option of providing an email address both for yourself and for your student.


When you are finished filling out this information click on the green "Create Account" button. You will then be asked to verify your email address on your account. 


Go ahead and verify your email to complete your signup process!

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    Kimberly Tittle

    Myself or my son has recieved a email to verify the Acceptd account. We have checked both of our emails and checked all email folders without finding a email to verify.