How to start an application?


Before you are able to start an Application with Acceptd, you will need to create an Acceptd account. Use this link here: Sign Up.

1. If you have not started an application you will be able to select "New Application" or you can use the "Browse Programs" button in the top right-hand corner to search for a particular school/organization.


2. This takes you to the PROGRAMS DIRECTORY. Here you can use the search bar to search for a specific program. You can also use the "Interests, Organization, Location, and Currently Open" to filter the programs you would like to search for. Once you have filtered your desired selection, click Enter on your keypad


3. Once you have searched for the program you are wanting to submit an application for, you can click on the program icon.


4. You can use the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the application to view the applications offered by the organization.

5. Then select a program/branch in the drop-down menu.


6. Select the Green button that says "Apply to (and the name of the organization)"


7. Once you select the "Apply to" button. You will then see the application open and begin working on the application.

Thank you for using the Acceptd!


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