How to start an application?

Step-by-Step guide to starting an application

Signing up for an account on Acceptd is quick and easy!

Use this link here: Sign Up. Select Sign-up in the top right hand corner of the screen.



Note: you already have an Acceptd account, you can log in here: Log-In

1. Select the green button New Application or you can use the search field to search for a particular school / organization (located to right of button)

2. This takes you to the PROGRAMS DIRECTORY. Here you can filter by program/school/discipline/location

3. Once you have filtered your desired selection, click Enter on your keypad

4. Choose Get Started for the school/program you interested in applying to

5. Select a Program Group using the drop down menu

6. Select a Program using the drop down menu

7. Select the Green button Apply to (Name of program will be listed in this box)

8. Fill out the application fields

9. Media can be uploaded directly onto the application or within your Media Tab of your Acceptd account

When on the media step of your application, Click on the grey box “Click here to attach media”

You can store media in your My Media tab for use in other applications

Note: The Media tab is great to start uploading media such as resumes, headshots, and other media. This is your private digital storage area your media.

Simply upload media, choose which media you want to attach to each application. **It is only what is attached to the application is what the program will see

10. Fill out all fields within the application and make sure your media is attached

11. Select Continue as you enter information through each step

12. Preview your application

13. Next is the payment screen. Enter credit card information

14. Select Pay & Submit

Note: You should see a confirmation message that your materials were received

15. You've successfully completed your application!

Starting an application from Team Acceptd on Vimeo.

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