Verify Account / Verification Email

 Verification Emails are sent immediately after selecting the "Create Account" button.


Once you select "Create Account" you will see this on the following page.


This is confirming that an email has been sent directly to your email inbox. Once you see this screen appear. You will need to navigate to your inbox and select the email with the subject "Please verify your Acceptd account." Once you open that email you will be prompted with the message below.



You will then need to select the green button labeled "Verify Email Address." Once you have selected the "Verify Email Address" button and it has been verified successfully. You will see the following message.


Then you will be able to log in and access your account.

If you do NOT need to create a child account or "add student" to your parent account, you have completed the verification process. If you DO need to add a student or child, you will need to continue reading.

Next step, the parent will need to log in to their Acceptd account and you will see this window.


To add your child/student to your account simply click on the "Add Student" button. Then you will be taken to the next screen.


If your student is under 12 years of age you will need to select "student has no email. (You can also do this for any student and you will not need to verify the account)

If you would like to use an email for your students account you can enter the email in the "Student Email" box. Once you enter the student's email you will be taken to the next page. 


You will then need to complete the "Create New Student" form below. You can select "Create Account."


As soon as you select the "Create Account" button, you will see the following page. 


Before you navigate to your students email inbox to verify the account. You will need to select your name in the top right-hand corner, then select "logout." (If you do not do this, it will see that the parent account is still logged in and not verify the student account.)

Once you are logged out, navigate to your student's email inbox.


Then select "Verify Email Address." (if you do not see the screen below your account was not successfully verified. You will need to go back and make sure that you have logged out of your parent account. Then navigate back to your student's inbox to select "Verify Email Address" again).


You will now be able to select a password to use for your student's Acceptd account. Once you type in the password and select "Save new password" you will be redirected back to the user login screen and can log in as either the "student" account or the "parent" account.


I hope this has helped and best of luck with submitting your application through Acceptd!

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