My recommender did not receive an email to upload documentation, what do I do?

Sometimes schools have firewalls in place that may filter emails from coming in and going to Spam.

Please have your recommender check their Spam/junk folders, note the email would be coming from

If you have an alternate email for your teacher/or recommender, you can log back into your account to change the email address of your recommender.

Steps to verify or change your recommender's e-mail address:

1.) Click 'Pending'.

2.) Then, click 'Go to Documentation Letters', you will see the e-mail address for the recommender.

3.) Please check the e-mail address for your recommender. If correct you can either re-send to that address, or change the e-mail address to an alternate e-mail address.

Note: Once a resend or change of email address has been applied, there is a 12 hour timeframe before a new resend or edit can be made.


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    Andrew Phan

    will i need to have my sources for letters of recommendation submit before the deadline?