How can I import media from my iPhone to computer?


Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer > Launch Photos app if it does not open automatically. 

Step 2. Click on Import option > Select the videos you need.
Videos must be saved to the computer first before uploading to Acceptd.

Here are a few helpful troubleshooting tips when uploading media!

1) If using Wifi, try switching to a wired Internet connection by plugging into a router. Sometimes Wifi in general can be an unstable connectivity
2) We suggest using Google Chrome as your browser as it works well with our site.
3) Be sure when you are uploading to not navigate away from the page as this could cause a file to not fully upload
4) Adjust sleep settings so computer does not go to sleep during an upload
5) Upload (1) file at a time until the file gets to the process stage

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