AuditionRoom Overview

Here is a brief overview of using AuditionRoom. Please follow the below steps to ensure that you are prepared for your Virtual Audition.

Once you login you will need to select the "Schedule" tab and then select "Agenda."


Once you select "Agenda" you will be taken to the "My Agenda" page. You will now see your "Upcoming Events" and "Past Events." You will be able to find your audition under the "Upcoming Events" area and see the date and time of your audition, as well as when the lobby starts/opens. You will be able to select "Go to Virtual Lobby" at that time. 

(We do recommend checking our "Audio Quality" article to ensure your zoom audio settings are set up correctly)


After you select "Go to Virtual Lobby" you will be taken to the below page.

Step #1: Work through the checklist on the right-hand side. (Links provided)

Step#2: Check the box on the left-hand side if you would like to be notified when your audition Is approaching. (You may need to enable this in your browser)

Step#3: You can select the "Join Lobby Meeting" button to join the lobby with other auditionees.


You can also see the number of Auditions that will happen before yours in the top right-hand corner.


Once you are invited to join the waiting room this button will be enabled


If you have multiple auditions on the same day with the same organizations, you will see 2 buttons to select for your Auditions.


You will also see this notification when your waiting room is open.


Once you select "Join Waiting Room" a tab will open and ask you to join via "Zoom." If you have the Zoom application installed, it will give you the option to "open"


If you open with the Zoom App it will ask you if you would like to join with or without the video. We would recommend selecting "Join with Video."


Once you select the option above, you may be greeted with the below message. Be patient as you will be let in soon. (Don't forget: Deep breath, relax and have fun!)


Once you are let into the waiting room, you will be asked to "Join with Computer Audio."


Do you have another audition?

Once your audition is complete, you will need to close out of Zoom. If you have another audition to prepare for, be sure to navigate back to the below page or tab. Then select "Back to Acceptd" and your next audition will be under "Upcoming Events."




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