How do I keep track of my adjudication progress?

You can use the Submissions Table to track your progress as they work through rating all the applicants. In your table, click the "Columns" button. 


Find the Adjudication section and select "My Rating Progress" and "My Comments." Then click out of the window.


You will now see these new columns appear in your table. "My Comments" displays how many comments you've left for each applicant and "My Ratings Progress" shows you a percentage complete for each application. For example, if there are 4 rating scales for the application and you have only rated on 2 of those scales, the "My Rating Progress" column will show as 50%.

You can click the gear icon at the top of the row to sort in descending or ascending order.

To learn how to save this table view for later use, check out this article.


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